Matcha Recipes

Matcha and Coconut Cream Cake


For the Matcha Cake: >430g of gluten free plain flour >3.5 teaspoons of baking powder >100g of xylitol sugar >1 teaspoon of Himalayan Pink Salt >120ml of olive oil >120g of coconut butter, softened >1 teaspoon of vanilla extract >2 free range large eggs >4 teaspoons of…

Matcha Pancakes


>1/3 cup milk >1 Egg >2 tablespoon sugar or honey or a sweetener of your choice >1 teaspoon vanilla extract >1– 2 tablespoon Heapwell Superfoods Matcha green tea powder >2 tablespoon vegetable oil or butter (skip the butter to make it healthier.) >1…

Matcha Coconut Latte


>½ to 1 teaspoon of Heapwell Superfoods Matcha tea powder >¼ cup hot water >½ cup hot warmcoconut milk >1 teaspoon sugar or honey or any kind of sweetener (or quantity by your choice)

Matcha Energy Balls


Makes around 8-10 matcha balls For the matcha balls: > 5-6 prunes >½ teaspoon of sea salt >2 tablespoons of maple syrup >2 tablespoons of sunflower seeds >3 tablespoons of pumpkin seeds >150g of ground almonds >3 tablespoons of linseeds >100g of pistachios plus extra for coating >100g of desiccated…

Heapwell Matcha Cardamom Creams

Matcha Desserts


Serves: 6 > Some vegetable oil, for greasing (optional) > 600ml of coconut milk > 3 green cardamom pods, lightly crushed > 3-4 sheets fine leaf gelatine (vegetarian gelatine also fine) > 150ml of agave syrup > 1.5 tablespoons of organic ceremonial green matcha > A teaspoon…